Sunday, 6 May 2012

want u to know !

I love you, if you want to knowsince you appear in my life, I feel veryhappyalthough I think one day we may be separated as well, but Ihope that everything is not going to happenevery day I hope oneday I'll be able to live with youbut we can only divine plan that determines all,the one I want you to know, I really love youthe course of our liveswill be different after this, you will live with your world, I turn to myworld, each will pursue their own dreamsif we are destined to cut off, do not you forget me,if we have a match, the Lord will meet us too one day, hopefullyeverything goes well, hope you are happy with your life, I always pray for your happiness, I love you!

sincerely from my heart <3

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